About GBYC
2018 Executives

Commodore: Kevin Williams

Past Commodore: Ole Hammerberg

Rear Commodore (Race): Michael Potocki

Treasurer: Dan Balch

Wharfinger: John McPhee and Peter Janzen

Social Director: Ken Otte

Information Officer: Harry Harris and Michael Wagstaff

Director at Large: Michael Wagstaff

Director at Large: Peter Janzen


The Commodore will preside at all meetings of the club and of the Board of Directors. He is also responsible for the general management and supervision of the affairs and operations of the club.

Past Commodore

Traditionally the Past Commodore is designated "the keeper of the light".

This refers to the responsibility of the general care and maintenance of the clubhouse. All activities associated with the Grand Bend 30 race are also a key duty. This race has traditionally been held in June. Co-ordination is required with the Lake Huron Yachting Association early in the year to schedule this event. The Past Commodore may also be the Club representative at the LHYA meetings. As a senior member of the executive this position is a very busy one. This person provides valuable guidance and assistance to the rest of the Board and usually takes on numerous other responsibilities as required.

Vice Commodore

During the absence of the Commodore, his duties and powers may be exercised the Vice-Commodore, and if the Vice-Commodore exercises any such duty or power, the absence or inability of the Commodore shall be presumed with reference thereto. The Vice Commodore also Chairs the Social Committee, makes up the social calendar, finds volunteers to organize events, or he personally takes on the responsibility of producing the social happening.

Rear Commodore

This officer is responsible for all matters pertaining to the race programs at the club. Some of the many items he will address in a season include:

Organizing a race schedule from the input of the membership at the Annual General Meeting.

Review the schedule with the Social Activities Chair and the LHYA representative (Grand Bend 30) to avoid conflicts.

Review the Sailing Instructions to ensure that they are current with the latest Canadian Yachting Association Racing rules and any approved changes by the membership at a General Meeting.

Inspect and maintain the Race Marks and ground tackle before they are launched in the spring.

Arrange the installation and removal of the Marks.

Obtain valid Lake Huron PHRF rating certificates from each racer.

Perform any equipment verification as required.

Chair Skippers meetings when required to announce for example any pertinent information such as water depth, weather conditions and safety issues. .

Work with the Race Starter and committee boat.

Chair any protest meetings or appoint an alternate.

Purchase the flags for the Awards Banquet at the end of the season.


All matters relating to the slips and adjacent property are the responsibility of the Wharfinger. He is the chief contact for prospective members. This person promotes and advertises empty slips as well as issuing and managing applications. Each year allocation of slips is based upon the applications received. Maintenance and repairs to the slips and repairs to club equipment are a high priority. The Wharfinger organizes workdays where many of the members contribute to the club’s maintenance.


The Treasurer keeps full and accurate records of all receipts and disbursements of the club. All funds are deposited in the name of the Club at a financial institution. The smooth and timely flow of all financial matters are a key requirement of this position. Year-end financial statements are also a critical responsibility. This person is required to report the financial position of the club at executive and general meetings or whenever requested by the Executive.

Information Officer

The Information officer attends all meetings of the board of directors and records the minutes. He co-ordinates and maintains all correspondence required to be delivered to club or Board members. This person is also required to keep an up-to-date record showing the name, address and boat ownership of each member.

***** All of the officers are required to attend and provide written and verbal reports at each general meeting.

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